AdsList allows you to choose from a list of five banners, depending on your preferences and your target audience.

  • The 'Entire Page' Banner will appear across the entire site and will be seen by our members throughout the whole of the UK.
  • With the 'Home Page Banners' option you can decide exactly where you would like your chosen banner to be located. If you want your banner to appear on the main homepage of AdsList please choose the 'Without City' option in the Category field. If you want to direct your banner to a specific city, please choose your city from the category field.
  • With category page banners you can assign your banner to a specific category in a specific location.

When uploading your banner, please ensure that the size of your banner conforms to the sizes specified. If you're having problems or would like to discuss your advertising needs please contact us on [email protected] and we will be happy to help.


Choose your city

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